Reflexology is a treatment that suits everyone, no matter what your age or health concerns.  By stimulating particular points on your feet, hands or face, the treatment can bring about a profound state of relaxation, balance and healing. 

How reflexology works

Following illness, stress, injury or disease, your body is in a state of imbalance and vital energy pathways are blocked.  This prevents it from functioning properly. Reflexologists believe that certain points on the soles of your feet are connected to your organs, glands and energy pathways.  By applying gentle pressure, they can restore and maintain your body’s natural equilibrium and encourage healing.

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Holly Gorbeck Reflexology New Forest

What conditions can reflexology help with?

Reflexology can be effective for a wide range of health conditions and is particularly helpful with: 

Stress and anxiety

Back pain & muscular pain


Thyroid imbalance

Adrenal imbalance

Fertility issues

Joint pain

Sleep disorders

Hormonal imbalances

Sports injuries & post-performance recovery

Digestive disorders

Seasonal or hormonal affected mood fluctuations

What to Expect

My studio is set in a peaceful location, surrounded by trees.  

After welcoming you, we’ll begin an initial consultation. This will last roughly an hour, possibly slightly longer depending on your particular needs. 

The first step is to take a detailed medical history, concentrating on any historical illnesses or problem areas.  We’ll also talk through your diet and lifestyle.

Following this, I’ll ask you to roll up your trousers (if appropriate) and remove your shoes and socks. 

You’ll then recline in a special reflexology chair and, to ensure you feel relaxed, I’ll cover you with a blanket and dim the lights.

Using calming breathing techniques and warm stones on key areas of the body, I’ll help to relax and soften you physically and mentally to receive the full benefits of the treatment. 

After this, further reflexology treatments will last 40/45 minutes or can be shorter for young children and babies.


Some providers of private medical insurance will cover reflexology. 

If you’re with Bupa, Paycare, Medicash or Sovereign, give them a call to check if your treatment is covered.


Standard Reflexology Session

40-45 minutes Reflexology 

or £120 for 4 sessions


Home Visit Reflexology

40-45 minutes Reflexology 

£45 per session 4 sessions @ £160


Reflexology for Children

Initial consultation £30
Follow up consultations £25


Hot Stone Reflexology

For the ultimate in relaxation!
This is a 75 minute session 

Treat yourself or someone else

Gift Vouchers also available

"You can't pour from an empty cup.
You need to take care of yourself first"

What Hollys Clients Say

"Both my children have had regular reflexology sessions with Holly.  I began by taking my son who was 9 at the time and suffering from a number of anxieties and persistent pain in his neck. He adored his sessions with Holly and was so excited each time I told him he had another appointment! His neck pain disappeared completely after 6 sessions  - we had been struggling with it for 18 months previously and had seen doctors, paediatricians, osteopaths and physiotherapists. Holly has also been able to give him some pointers for managing his anxieties and has been the most wonderful listener for him!  

Our daughter has a genetic disorder, which carries with it a number of physical issues as well as learning difficulties, behavioural problems, and autistic spectrum disorder.  She has seen Holly on and off since she was 6 and absolutely loves her sessions with her. Holly has a deeply calming presence and our daughter relaxes completely during and after her sessions, I think it really gives her mind a chance to slow down."

"I went to see Holly for reflexology to help with stress-management but I came away with so much more.  The reflexology sessions themselves are absolutely wonderful but what you also get from Holly is empathy, compassion and a wealth of information; tips on diet, exercise and how to create a peaceful, calm and kind approach to your mental and physical wellbeing."

"I started having reflexology sessions with Holly a few months ago with re-occurring headaches.

Since having treatments my headaches have gone. The sessions are very relaxing and I always feel the benefits after."